Housing area for senior residents in the residential area of Harzblick

Barrenbach 6 – a top address in terms of "new living"

Probably most people wish to grow old at home. Grow old in their own four walls, cared for by their own family, children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. This dream can become reality with an apartment of the GWW "Am Barrenbach". The apartments are appropriate to age and maintained by the Diakonisches Werk im Kirchenkreis Halberstadt e. V. The Diakonische Werk also provides the residents with care services, depending on craving and need.

 Residential area - Am Barrenbach 6   View into an apartment

Activities at "Am Barrenbach" include joint events or cooking collectively in Panorama-Café, which is located directly next to the apartment house. Also, physical activity is ensured. The fitness center "Fitness-Oase Am Barrenbach" is directly next-door.

 Sanitary equipment, apartment Panorama-Café for residents

"New living" addresses people who wish to live together and yet retain their individual way of living. The project is especially intended for older people or people with disabilities who need help or care but wish to live in their own home.

"New living" provides an opportunity for friends and family to live with their mates or relatives in need of care (or at their place). "New living" means closeness and community.

 The fitness center “Fitness-Oase Am Barrenbach”  

„Fitness-Oase Am Barrenbach“

Activity lovers and people young at heart will love this place that has around 600 m² of open space for leisure activities. Those who wish to exercise will find interesting sports equipment, a feet-trainer, an arm-trainer and a mobility-trainer. Walking together in fresh air, common activities or an afternoon of chatting in the seat elements in the park-like surroundings encourage community life.

Bürgerpark Wernigerode, which is in direct neighborhood, invites for a walk as well.



Platz des Friedens 6
38855 Wernigerode

Phone: 0 39 43 / 2 10 02
Fax:     0 39 43 / 2 10 80

E-Mail: info@gww-wr.de



Opening times

Mo.     09.00 to 12.00
Tue.    09.00 to 12.00
            13.00 to 16.00
Wed.   closed
Thu.    09.00 to 12.00
            13.00 to 17.00
Fr.       09.00 to 12.00


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