Project energetic restoration

Re-structuring of the residential area of Stadtfeld

Aerial photograph of Stadtfeld with previous development. The major project can give considerable value to the residential area of the GDR-plattenbau times.

The project:

Together with the WWG and further partners, the GWW is currently planning the re-structuring of the residential area of „Stadtfeld“ over the next few years from 2010 on. The residential area is to be oriented towards “cost-effective living in good quality” and thus be given value. Improving the southern living units, the edges of the area in the north and the south, and the social infrastructure is the focus. 

Housing blocks at Walther-Grosse-Ring in the Wernigerode residential area of Stadtfeld according to the apartment designers’ plans for the future. By removing and adding on parts of the building complex, the building is to be given the form of a wave that harmonizes with the Harz mountains in the background.

This is how designers imagine designing the housing blocks at the edge of Stadtfeld. The roofscape is to have a slight wave-like form.


Enhance districts!

For the next years the gradual energetic restoration and enhancement of the living environment is planned for all five living units. The WWG is currently preparing story dismantling on two buildings with courts in inner layers.

There will be talks with the tenants in addition to the concrete plans. The GWW is planning to have individual talks with every renting party to capture their preferences and wishes and inform them about planned measures regarding the re-structuring and modernization measures.


Measures of the GWW in housing modernization in Stadtfeld

The GWW intends to perform the following three sets of action, referring to 854 apartments in total:

1. Particular enhancement of peripheral development in Wernigerode

Measures: energetic restoration, specific partial deconstruction and creation of special housing offers on the top floor, possibly installation of elevator at the formation of a 6th floor, enhancement of living environment

Location: Walther-Grosse-Ring 2 to 20 (extent of partial deconstructions can only be determined after conceptual broadening)

2. Focus: energetic restoration

Measures: energetic restoration, but seriously limited further modernization in the buildings / apartments that increase their value, enhancement of living environment

3. Focus: technical optimization / energy management system

Additionally, technical inspections and optimizations of GWW objects that have already been enhanced by a comprehensive renovation program are very important, as there will be significant deviations from the expected usage in the course of the energy study.

Designing the gates of the city!

The “wave house”: Roadside structures in the south-eastern district characterizes the gates of the city of Wernigerode for drivers on the Halberstädter Chaussee, one of the most important main roads to the city center. Morevoer, roadside structures are perceived by long-distance travelers on the German Bundesstrasse 6, together with the astonishing panorama of the Upper Harz and Brocken, and the castle of Wernigerode.

So it would be appropriate to have a particular style for this key section of perception. The place is equally important for both Wernigerode and “Stadtfeld”.

Inhabitants would take a particular design as an important sign of enhancement in their district and as the city’s commitment to the district’s future.

Design proposals have been worked out preferring to have a slight wave in the roofscape of the roadside structures in the district des. The form reflects the diverse topography of the Harz in the background. The character of the rather unspectacular living unit will thus transform into a new striking sculpture with a positive design effect: the buildings appear to be lighter. The long façades lose their monotony. Attractive special apartments including terraces and panorama view of the castle, old town, and Brocken could be arranged in the roof. The GWW would be the developer of the “wave”; it is clear, however, that a challenging project like this cannot be developed without subsidies.

Re-structuring of the entrance: The proposed distinctive enhancement of the roadside structures is connected to the scheduled re-structuring of the crossroad at Halberstädter Chaussee and the roundabout. The re-structuring will improve road safety for pedestrians and cyclists a lot and it will place particular emphasis on the entry into the residential area of “Stadtfeld”.


Source: project concept in the competition “Energetic restoration of housing estates”

created on behalf of GWW by StadtBüro Hunger, Stadtforschung and -planung GmbH



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