Old buildings 5074 – more than building refurbishment


Kastanienwäldchen 2-10 – as the artist imagines the new facade. 


About two years ago, the changes in the population structure became visible on a local level. These changes result in a decreasing demand for 4-room apartments while the demand for more and more small apartments – mostly 1-room and 2-room apartments – is increasing. It seems logical, thinking that one in three German households have become single person households in the meantime, while the average age of our tenants is increasing. In order to find acceptable solutions to this, the GWW and the supervisory board chose to re-structure the residential building “Kastanienwäldchen 2-10”, built in 1975.

However, we wouldn’t be up-to-date if this change had not been followed by a concurrent energetic restoration. “Kastanienwäldchen 2 to 10” has thus been restored to KfW building 70, according to energy savings regulations of 2007.

That means: we will reach new building level minus 30 percent, regarding energy consumption. The building permit that was before us is based upon this calculation.

The former 50 four-room apartments will turn into 74 small one-room and two-room apartments with totally new layouts. The overall living space amounts to ca. 3,530.00 m² in total, laid out on five floors.

The residential building is connected to the central district heating system while heat recovery can be performed at the same time by controlled air intake and exhaust air systems. The property’s quality of life has been particularly enhanced by the installation of an elevator from which every apartment will be accessible via an access balcony. Moreover, all apartments will be given a balcony on the south side and their equipment will of course be of high quality.

Luckily, the renowned artist Otmar Alt, well known in Germany, could be involved in the project and agreed to design the facades.

The apartments will be modernized age-appropriately. This includes barrier-free doors, shower areas at ground level, and age-appropriate access to the balconies. All bathrooms will be equipped with floor and wall tiles.

These apartments are an important factor in providing living conditions for our inhabitants; we are proud to say that the new-build housing will remain affordable.

The GWW feels obliged to pay particular attention to the façade design in this major construction project. Therefore, we are very glad that we managed to involve Otmar Alt in the design, a renowned artist well known in Germany.

The renowned artist was born in Wernigerode and won the culture award of our city in 2005. His style is often compared to artists of classical modernism, as, for example, Miró, Kandinsky, and Klee. Otmar Alt’s paintings are characterized by a particular expressivity in colors and his unique way of creating innovative imaginary figures by mingling organic forms with an implied figurativeness.

So, the city of Wernigerode lives up to its reputation of being the “colorful city in Harz” a little more by the facade design of the building in “Burgbreite”. 



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