Project “the wave"
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Major project for re-structuring of Stadtfeld has been presented

“wave”: start of construction in 2011 at Walter-Grosse-Ring

by Ingmar Mehlhose / Volksstimme Magdeburg as of 12 April, 2010

Stadtfeld will undergo fundamental changes as of 2011. The Gebäude- und Wohnungsbaugesellschaft Wernigerode (GWW) will implement the model project “wave”, starting at Walter-Grosse-Ring 2 to 13. The duration of the project has been set up for 20 years at least.

Wernigerode. “The supervisory board has declared itself with one consent in favor of pursuing the project.” The chairman of the tenant association for Stadtfeld set up in the beginning of February (we reported on this subject), Andreas Heinrich, GWW manager Kirsten Fichtner, and Lord Mayor Peter Gaffert presented first drafts of the “wave”.

Firstly, the head of the town reminded the audience of the prize money of 100,000 Euros, which the GWW had won for the project plans back in June 2009 in Berlin. However, the project is, in fact, worth millions. Gaffert: “With regard to time dimensions it is one of the largest projects within the next 20 years.” Currently, 4,500 people live in Stadtfeld. The aim must be to preserve their living environment while enhancing its quality. In view of demographic development 20 percent of the then offered apartments are to be constructed age-appropriate in different sizes. Also, the Lord Mayor emphasized the importance of “putting emphasis on energetic construction methods.” First contracts for planning are to be signed very soon. Construction will start next year at Walter-Grosse-Ring.

Kirsten Fichtner emphasized the importance of involving all interest groups in Stadtfeld in the planning. This is the only way of making the “wave” a reality. The overall costs of the project have not yet been calculated in full. The first section will reduce the staircases 2 to 13 to four floors and in one case expand them by one floor. The head of GWW says: “We are using elevators.” The construction will include small one-room, two-room and three room apartments, with the rent aligned to the requirement records of the local employment agency. Terraces will be laid in four other districts. The ground floors will then be accessible with a ramp. A modular system is applied to all parts of the project. Kirsten Fichtner: “We can thus change the layout subsequently.”

“Preserve the living environment of 4,500 people”

Also, special attention is paid to the design of the courtyards. The manager says: “They look boring now.” It has been considered to create gardens for the tenants and small ponds that collect rainwater. Finally, the unpleasant problem of waste disposal is to be eliminated as well. Because: “We are hiding the waste in niches.”

Kirsten Fichtner: “We cannot apply the ‘wave’ anywhere.” Therefore, some housing blocks will “only” obtain a new roof design. To this end, former non-load bearing panels will be dismantled and the balconies on the south side will be glazed. The GWW actually aims at creating a center with a meeting point for the residents of Stadtfeld.

“We are hiding the waste in niches”

“We discussed a lot and very much approve of the idea of creating diversity”, Andreas Heinrich remembered the most recent meeting of the supervisory board. The chairman: “If it works, we will get a trendsetting district.” The formula is: well-functioning neighborhoods in an attractive area with low running costs. Heinrich: “It is important that the vital atmosphere remains.” Therefore, GWW and city administration currently endeavor in being accepted by another funding program.

According to Kirsten Fichtner 14 applications have been submitted to the Federal Miniytry of Construction. Two of their staff have already looked around in Stadtfeld. The manager says: “I don’t know if our chances are good, as we are competing with cities like Munich and Nuremberg.”

Nevertheless, the “wave” starts rolling. The representatives of the tenant association, Doris Eckstein, Gabriele Möller and Heiko Tietz, obviously liked the ideas a lot. Their wish for the future, however, is rather modest: a lawn for dogs or a bag dispenser. 

© Volksstimme Magdeburg 4-12-2010

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