100,000 Euros prize money
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Federal Ministry of Construction praises concept of district modernization

100,000 Euros prize money for re-structuring of “plattenbau” in Wernigerode

by Tom Koch / Volksstimme Magdeburg as of July 16, 2009

Wernigerode / Berlin. The concept of the Gebäude- und Wohnungsgesellschaft Wernigerode (GWW) to transform a prefabricated building estate into a modern district was awarded prize money of 100,000 euros by the Federal Ministry of Construction yesterday. Together with the Wernigerode housing association the GWW intends to renovate the almost 30-year old plattenbau buildings in the district in such a way that the energy demand of the total of 2,150 apartments will be reduced by about one third. It is also checked whether photovoltaic systems could be put on the flat roofs.

Additionally, a distinctive housing block in the residential area of “Stadtfeld” is to be re-structured as of 2011 so that it looks like an architectural wave.

 Kirsten Fichtner, manager of Gebäude- und Wohnungsgesellschaft Wernigerode (GWW), in front of a typical plattenbau building. The GWW has been awarded a golden prize for its restructuring plan. Photograph: Tom Koch

The aim is to create an attractive district for about 3,100 people from Wernigerode that “continues offering cheap housing in good quality”, GWW manager Kirsten Fichtner quotes from her concept. Additionally, care provisions for young people are to be substantially extended. The local housing association already runs a skater park in the district.

Minister for Construction Wolfgang Tiefensee (SPD) had launched the 2.2 million Euros competition at the beginning of the year to award energetic renovation projects and development projects for whole districts for the first time. 34 out of 76 candidates, six of them from Saxony-Anhalt, received an award in Berlin. Besides the gold medal for Wernigerode, the Wittenberg housing association received a silver award of 75,000 Euros.

The bronze award of 50,000 Euros was given to the Magdeburg housing association for the Reform district. Moreover, three such prizes were awarded to concepts from Halle.

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Commentary – Wernigerode wins living and housing award – picturesque plattenbau

by Tom Koch / Volksstimme

They do be crooked and awry. They are old anyway, and wonderfully colored. Travel books denote the historical old town of Wernigerode with its timbered houses from six centuries as “picturesque”. However, the suburban prefab estates are not “picturesque” at all. And yet one of them won a 100,000 Euros prize yesterday.

The prize was won for plans of the local building society to transform the district into a modern residential area. The gold prize is to boost the project in order to avoid that the district may gradually turn into a ghetto for socially disadvantaged people. 3,100 people live there, which is about one in eleven people from Wernigerode. This number is surprising for a city known for its idyllic timbered houses.

Yet this number shows that every cent invested in the re-structuring of such residential areas is money well invested. Maybe people from the Harz will soon speak of “picturesque plattenbau”.

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